Account Manager – 95% Remote Ideally in Southwest Florida Located


Our Account Manager role requires a keen skillset for relationship development within

hospitality, travel, tourism industry. You’ll bring drive and determination to provide

effective solutions for new clients. You possess a strong interest in innovation and

technology, and an enthusiasm for whatever comes next. With your self-motivated,

dynamic leadership, you will collaborate to develop and execute sales growth

strategies that can elevate Outlier Brands and our clients to outstanding success and

revenue growth.

What you’ll do

There’s no typical day at OUTLIER BRANDS — you build your own day with guidance

and direction from leadership. And while you may wear multiple hats at times, we’ve

gathered the most important responsibilities:

• Manage multiple projects simultaneously and remotely in a fast-paced environment

• Act as point of communication between company teams and external resources

• Liaison with management and clients to identify and define project requirements,

scopes and objectives that align with organizational goals

• Assign roles and tasks to dedicated team members

• Coordinate daily with team members and vendors relevant to projects

• Obtain client approvals on estimates and deliverables

• Deepen positive relationships with potential clients, existing clients and stakeholders

• Use appropriate verification techniques to manage changes in project scope,

schedule, details, and costs

• Analyze project progress and, when necessary, adapt scope, timelines, and costs to

achieve maximum benefit

• Ensure that all projects are delivered with 100% accuracy, on-time, within scope and

within budget

• Measure project performance and outcomes using appropriate systems and tools

• Deepen positive relationships with third parties/vendors

• Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned

• Report project outcomes and/or risks to agency management as needed

• Coordinate and perform on-site and remote sales presentations

• Propose appropriate Outlier Brands services to drive value-added solutions

• Develop a sales strategy that aligns with the company’s mission and vision; this

includes lead development, sales funnels, and organizing marketing groups for reach


• Build and manage relationships with potential customer and clients

What you need to have

We want you to be successful at OUTLIER BRANDS from the moment you join the

team. We’ll be your greatest advocate and supporter along the way, and to make a

substantial impact, it’s best if you have the following:

• Bachelor’s degree in business or similar

• 3-5 years of experience in customer service, sales management, advertising or media

sales, and marketing

• Real-life experience in account management, client interaction, web, social media, emarketing

and other strategies

• Strong presentation skills

• Effective interpersonal skills and strong communication, both written and verbal

• Great attention to detail in a fast-paced environment including

• Strong working knowledge of Office 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint

• Strong working knowledge of Zoho One, including Zoho Projects and

Zoho CRM

• Obsession with current trends

• Contribute to all conversations with innovative ideas, quick-thinking and solutions, being

a leader in a collaborative environment by inspiring greatness, leading brainstorming and

building on ideas

• A sense of humor, team spirit and/or motivational attitude

Business Development Opportunity

Compensation is in form of commissions in pursuit of clients local, regional and

national that align with the profile, philosophy and experience of Outlier Brands Work

performed in the pursuit and solicitation of prospective clients is speculative and is

not compensated until contract is awarded. This includes research, strategic planning,

strategic writing and most likely written and oral presentations.


For Prospective Clients identified by Hire and secured by Outlier Brands

• 5% compensation of agency gross profit on each client, for first 12 months of

relationship, identified as follows:

• All labor hours billable to client, by Outlier Brands personnel except Hire

• Gross commissions earned by Outlier Brands in purchase of media; for

example, $100,000 media buy equals $15,000 commission, earns $750


• Gross commissions earned by Outlier Brands in vendor purchases

(printing, broadcast production, etc); For Example, $10,000 printing

purchase equals $2,000 commission, earns $500 compensation


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