PR Specialist with Spiro & Associates

Public Relations Specialist at Spiro & Associates typically do the following:

  • Write press releases and prepare information for the media on behalf of the firms client roster, charitable organizations and the firm itself
  • Respond to information requests from the media on behalf of the firms client roster, charitable organizations and the firm itself
  • Help clients and the firm communicate effectively with the public
  • Help maintain their organization’s corporate image and identity
  • Draft speeches and arrange interviews for an organization’s top executives
  • Evaluate advertising and promotion programs to determine whether they are compatible with their organization’s public relations efforts in cooperation with the firms media department
  • Evaluate public opinion of clients through social media
  • Develop press kit materials for media outlets, including press releases, images, pitch letters, case studies, feature articles, and trend stories
  • Help maintain the identity and reputation of the employer or client
  • Evaluate public opinion of clients through surveys, polls, and social media listening
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with regional and national media outlets
  • Arrange for press conferences, interviews, and other media and event appearances for the employer or client
  • Track, evaluate, and share results of PR efforts
  • Coordinate scheduling and logistics as necessary
  • Coordinate on-site events and support the firm in other event aspects

Public Relations Specialist handle our client’s communication with the public, including consumers, investors, reporters, and other media specialists.

Our Public Relations Specialist drafts press releases and contact people in the media on behalf of the firms client roster, charitable organizations and the firm itself, who might print or broadcast their material. Many radio or television special reports, newspaper stories, and magazine articles start at the desks of our Public Relations Specialist.

Press releases are increasingly being sent through the Internet and via social media, in addition to publication through traditional media outlets. Our Public Relations Specialist is in charge of monitoring and responding to social media questions and concerns on behalf of the firms client roster, charitable organizations and the firm itself.

The firms Public Relations Specialist are different from advertisers in that they get their stories covered by media instead of purchasing ad space in publications and on television.

Public Relations Specialist Required Skills & Competencies

  • Verbal communication: Your job requires you to be able to convey information effectively to the public, media, and other members of your organization.
  • Listening: You will also have to listen carefully so that you can understand what others are telling you and respond appropriately.
  • Writing: Since writing press releases and speeches is the primary part of this job, excellent writing skills are essential.
  • Interpersonal: Your dealings with the media and the public requires the ability to get along well with others. You must be persuasive and able to negotiate. In addition, as a PR specialist, you will have to coordinate your actions with the actions of others, including your colleagues.

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