Graphic Designer with Celsius Marketing Interactive

We are currently seeking an outgoing and dynamic Graphic Designer to work on everything from designing full website experiences, landing pages, email marketing campaigns, multimedia and digital designs. Seeking 2 or more years of agency or marketing department design experience. Must provide a strong portfolio demonstrating the spectrum of work and skill set. Able to work across the entire suite of Adobe Creative Cloud software. WordPress and Table Based HTML Email Experience.

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Vectra Digital Copywriter

Here’s a video from our Chief Strategy Officer explaining what it’s like to work at Vectra: https://youtu.be/INKDaYsX0p4

We are looking for an individual with an innovative and leader mindset who can solve challenging problems, write amazing copy, and continually learn new ways to help our clients market smarter!

You’ll establish and manage strong client & team relationships, helping to execute a content marketing strategy. In this role, you will discuss the client’s performance, review objectives, propose solutions, and write copy for websites, email marketing, website design, etc.

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WGCU General Manager

The General Manager, WGCU provides strategic direction and effective management of all WGCU operations.

Responsible for the operational management and administrative direction within WGCU and supports the mission and vision of the department and the University. Provides guidance and direction to senior management involved in development and community relations, technology and operations, and content for five television and three radio program services, and WGCU.org.

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Moorings Park Graphic Designer/Videographer

We’re looking for a visual savant who wants to help us build our brand. In this role you will drive brand awareness, consumer engagement and sales via content development. You will use your expert knowledge in graphic design, videography, and editing to develop unique content for all of our marketing, social media channels, and website. You will leverage best practices to continuously optimize your content production and development efforts to help achieve rapid growth projections, brand awareness and consumer engagement.   Click Here for Full Description

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