AAF District 4 Launches Podcast

Get ready for an earful of tips, emerging trends and industry advice from across Florida and the Caribbean. Welcome to AAF District 4Cast. The first episode is available wherever you get your podcasts. 

“We wanted to try a new way for our members to stay ahead of the curve,” says AAF District 4 Governor, Jon Ruhff. And true to the promise, this first episode offers a peek behind the curtain with Troy Dunn, owner of award-winning Tampa Ad Agency, Dunn & Co., award entry tips from District 4 American Advertising Awards Gala Chair, Yeosh Bendayan, and a discussion of emerging trends with James Coccaro, the University of Miami student and member of UM’s student consultancy, Orange Umbrella, who designed our podcast branding.

Hosted by District 4 Governor, Jon Ruhff and Communications Co-Chair, Jacob Edenfield, each monthly episode will have a fresh batch of interviews featuring the industry luminaries, rule-breakers, students and leaders who shape our industry throughout Florida and the Caribbean. 

Get the first episode and subscribe at Apple Music, Google Podcasts or Spotify to get new episodes as soon as they drop each month.

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