President Tim Hennessy Farewell Message

In October 2018 I attended a District 4 conference in Daytona Beach and began to discuss with then Governor, Wendy Payton ways to reactive the Southwest Florida chapter. I never thought that almost three years later that we not only would restart AAF Southwest Florida but create a nationally recognized powerhouse of membership development, programs, public service, and club operations.
In less than four months AAF Southwest Florida became the largest chapter in the state of Florida and the Caribbean. In just two years we earned three AAF National Club Achievement Awards for Programs, Club Operations, and Public Service. I have been honored to serve as an AAF District 4 Chair; Membership Co-Chair and President’s Council as well as serving on an AAF National ad hoc committee for Membership. My personal goal was to make this chapter shine at the local, state, and national levels by the time my tenure as president was done. I am very proud of what we have accomplished.
From that first planning meeting in May of 2019, we knew we had something special in the making. What made this journey wonderful were the friendships I have made and the professional relationships developed with our members and partners. Our members have embraced this organization and our leadership team in ways that we never thought possible in such a short period.
I am most proud of our work to highlight and showcase the work of local advertising creative with the American Advertising Awards. Leading the team responsible for giving you the credit you deserve was a tremendous honor and I hope that we made you as proud to have been involved as I am to have been a part of those nights. The Mad Men & Women Gala and ADDY® Night Live were spectacular events and could not have been possible without our committees, vendors, entrants, and members. Thank you for attending and supporting our local advertising artists. 
August 9th will be my final day as your AAF Southwest Florida President. I am looking forward to watching a new group of leaders making their mark on this organization. We have a tremendous year planned and as always, it is with you the member in mind. Thank you again for all of your support whether it was time or treasure and please continue to support AAF Southwest Florida and grow this amazing chapter to new heights.  
Thank you for your trust,
Tim Hennessy
President, AAF Southwest Florida

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