AAF-SWFL Leaders join The Royal PalmCast

Tim and Wendy

AAF-SWFL President, Tim Hennessy, and Immediate Past President, Wendy Payton sat-in on three episodes of an informative question and answer session at The Royal PalmCast, a podcast devoted to realtors and the real estate industry in Southwest Florida. Wendy and Tim discussed several tricks of the trade and ways to navigate the advertising industry.

The Royal PalmCast is hosted by Jim Sanville and produced by Jerry Johnson. The advertising episodes featuring AAF-SWFL are available by clicking here.

The Royal PalmCast a show about people and things that Realtors®, homebuyers, and sellers care about. Produced in the studios of the Royal Palm Coast Realtor® Association in Fort Myers, Florida, the podcast is hosted by RPCRA’s Jim Sanville with producer Jerry Johnson, and features top real estate professionals from throughout Florida and beyond.

First Episode Description: 

Are you an advertiser or potential advertiser? What if you could pick the brains of two of Southwest Florida’s most knowledgeable experts in that field? We did, and we bring you that conversation in this episode. This is the first of three shows with our ad pros. In this one, we talk about the basics of advertising, particularly as it relates to real estate professionals.  Join us for our discussion with Tim Hennessey from Waterman Broadcasting and Wendy Payton of Payton Brands.  Both are active members of the American Advertising Federation of Southwest Florida, where Tim is currently president and Wendy is treasurer.

Host: Jim Sanville

Producer: Jerry Johnson 

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